Interdisciplinary programmes

EPCC works with the Bayes Centre and Schools throughout the University to deliver interdisciplinary programmes building on expertise from across the University.

Masters programmes 

EPCC is a key contributor to the University’s online Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) programme and we are also contributing to the School of Engineering’s new Masters in Leading Major Programmes.

Professional development courses

EPCC delivers individual courses for the Bayes Centre’s Data Skills Workforce Development programme. This SFC-funded programme offers individual online courses leading to a Postgraduate Professional Development qualification. Courses are free for eligible applicants. 

Courses from the DSTI programme are also available as standalone PPD courses.

Through the University’s Data Driven Innovation programme, we have also contributed to a course targeted at creative industries.

For more information about these programmes, it’s best to contact the programme teams directly through the links above. If you have any questions relating to EPCC’s participation in these programmes, please contact us.