HPC facilities

You will have access to EPCC's wide range of computing facilities.

EPCC, the supercomputing centre at the University of Edinburgh, hosts an exceptional collection of high-performance and novel computing facilities.

HPC systems

Shared access to tens of thousands of CPU cores is available through ARCHER, the UK's primary supercomputer for academic research.

Specialised devices

Some courses give students the opportunity to learn how to use cutting-edge, modern HPC technologies including Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

The MSc research project and dissertation allow further specialisation and access to a wide range of machines including: Indy, a dual-configuration Linux-Windows HPC cluster; low-power HPC devices like Raspberry Pi and Intel Atom, and advanced co-processor systems such as Intel Xeon Phi and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Further information

Read more about the computing facilities at EPCC.

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