Meet our staff

The MSc programmes are taught by staff from across EPCC, who have a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of HPC.

The MSc's teaching and support team includes:

David Henty, Programme Director

I am the Programme Director for both MSc programmes, and lead the HPC Training and Support group at EPCC. I am the course organiser for two of the courses - Message-Passing Programming and Advanced Parallel Programming - and teach on many of the other courses.

My research interests are in the area of achieving optimal performance for real scientific applications on very large parallel supercomputers. I have supervised MSc projects studying applications in engineering, ocean modelling and molecular simulation, as well as lower-level investigations of the performance characteristics of different parallel architectures. I am also interested in new parallel computer languages and programming models, and using HPC techniques to exploit the potential of multicore processors.

I graduated with a degree in Physics from Imperial College, London, in 1987, and received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Glasgow in 1990. I then spent four and a half years doing post-doctoral research in Lattice Field Theory at The University of Edinburgh before joining EPCC in 1995. I have worked on all the UK national supercomputer services for more than a decade. I also have a leading role in major European projects such as DEISA, which aims to integrate all of Europe’s academic supercomputers into a single system.

Judy Hardy, Director of Teaching

I co-ordinate the Dissertation for the MSc in HPC and MSc in HPC with Data Science and am Course Organiser for the Project Preparation course.

I'm also the Director of Teaching for the School of Physics and Astronomy.

My research interests are in physics and science education, technology-enhanced learning and diagnostic testing. I lead the Physics Education Research group (EdPER) in the School.

I have a BSc in Chemical Physics, an MSc in Software Technology and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.

Ben Morse, MSc Programme Officer

I am the administrator for the taught Masters programmes at EPCC.


Mark Bull, Course Organiser & Personal Tutor

I am the course organiser for Threaded Programming and teach on the the HPC Architectures course. I am also a Personal Tutor for the MSc in HPC and the MSc in HPC with Data Science. I also supervise student dissertation projects.

I have been working with parallel computers for over twenty years (14 of these at EPCC), and have research interests in parallel algorithms, parallel programming languages, performance analysis and benchmarking.

I am an active member of the committee which oversees the development of the OpenMP API.

Adam Carter, Course Organiser & Personal Tutor

I have worked at EPCC since 2003 after completing a PhD in computational statistical physics. Since joining EPCC I have been involved in a varied set of projects, from commercial projects involving data mining and data integration to more academic projects in high performance computing.

Most of my current projects have an emphasis on data: I'm the training coordinator for the EUDAT project which is building a research data infrastructure for Europe, and I'm working on the PERICLES project which is concerned with data preservation. I'm also managing a project called CityFlow which is concerned with the performance of telecommunication networks. I've supervised a variety of MSc projects in the past, most recently those with an emphasis on data intensive computing. I also have an interest in the general approaches to parallel computing, and I'm the course organiser for Parallel Design Patterns. I am also a Personal Tutor for the MSc in HPC and the MSc in HPC with Data Science. 

Alan Gray, Personal Tutor

I am a Personal Tutor for students on the MSc programmes, and I am involved in lecturing, programme organisation and supervision of students.

My current interests include researching the use of GPUs and accelerators in large-scale supercomputers, with emphasis on several scientific areas including condensed matter physics, genetics/genomics and numerical sound synthesis. 

I received a Ph.D. from The University of Glasgow in Theoretical Particle Physics (in particular the area of Lattice QCD) in 2003 and furthered this work under a postdoctoral position at the Ohio State University until I joined EPCC in 2005.

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