On-campus Programmes

EPCC offers MSc programmes in HPC and HPC with Data Science on-campus. Available as both one-year full-time and two- or three- years part-time programmes.

A history of excellence since 2001

Since the programme launched in 2001, the MSc in High Performance Computing (HPC) has provided its students and graduates with the skills to become leaders across HPC, research software engineering (RSE), computational science.

Since 2001, EPCC's MSc in High Performance Computing (HPC) has trained students from across all areas of science and engineering in the skills required to become experienced practitioners, researchers, and leaders across HPC, computational and data science, and software engineering. Building on our decades of experience delivering national HPC training, these programmes are based in a practical and 'hands-on' approach to learning via application of techniques and emphasise interactive and discussion-led learning with robust assessment. 

Students have access to a wide variety of HPC systems hosted by EPCC, with most teaching taking place on a national Tier-2 or Tier-1 facility, with the dissertation element providing students with the potential to explore novel technologies including FPGAs, Cerebras, and Arm-based systems among others.

The addition of the HPC with Data Science option in 2014 provided further breadth to the programmes and provides graduates with the tools to meet the increasing demands on HPC from applications working with big data, machine learning, and AI. The advent of the Edinburgh International Data Facility, operated by EPCC, demonstrates this marriage between HPC and data science which is increasingly in demand across all sectors.

Apply now!

Applications for both MSc programmes are now open via the University degree finder:


Please feel free to contact the programme team via msc@epcc.ed.ac.uk or call +441316513398.

We will also be taking part in the University's Postgraduate Virtual Open Day between 14 and 16 November 2023. Registration will open soon, but in the meantime you can join the event mailing list for further updates.