Energy efficiency in HPC: online Q&A

30 May 2016

The Adept project team at EPCC recently took part in an online question-and-answer session about energy efficiency in computing systems. You can read the result in the Reddit Journal of Science.


About Adept

Adept’s objective is to address the use of energy in parallel computing systems. Devices used in high-performance computing (HPC) need large amounts of power due to the sheer scale of the systems. A single HPC system will have hundreds of thousands of parallel components, requiring significant power to run and cool. This significantly impacts the total cost of ownership of an HPC system in many ways – and it can be hard to justify these costs. Lowering power consumption in these systems is thus of significant interest to the HPC community. Development of technologies that support the energy-efficient use of HPC could lower financial barriers. 

Adept is coordinated by EPCC.

Adept website