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DataLoch – enabling improvements in health and social care through a secure, pioneering data service

The DataLoch service brings together key health and social care data to allow a holistic, data-driven approach to the prevention and treatment of different conditions, as well as the provision of h

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Free EIDF information event for University of Edinburgh researchers

Maximise the power of your research data  with EIDF

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Neuro-Symbolic AI on EPCC’s Cirrus HPC system

UMNAI's Andrew Farrugia explains how the company is deploying its novel Neuro-Symbolic AI algorithms and model induction (generation) technology on EPCC’s Cirrus system.

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Our services for industry

EPCC is the UK's leading centre of Supercomputing and Data Science expertise and over the last 30 years we have worked on hundreds of projects with industry in the areas of high-performance computi

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Online course: GROMACS for ARCHER2 users

EPCC provides a variety of training courses as part of the ARCHER2 national supercomputing service. These include introductory, advanced, and domain-specific options. 

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You can't fault the filesystem

EPCC has spent quite a bit of time investigating non-volatile memory functionality and performance for high performance computing, initiated by the NEXTGenIO project.

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Biomedical urgent computing in the Exascale era

CompBioMed is a European Commission H2020-funded Centre of Excellence focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications.

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The UK’s National HPC Competence Centre

EuroCC is European-funded network of National Competence Centres (NCC) in HPC across Europe.

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Our current collaborations with industry

This year is proving to be an exciting one for the EPCC Commercial Group.

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EPCC becomes a member of RISC-V International

EPCC has become a community member of RISC-V International, a free and open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) which has become hugely popular since it was first released over a decade ago.

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