EPCC proud to announce collaboration with Silicon Graphics International (SGI)

21 June 2016

EPCC has been chosen to host a European centre for high performance computer manufacturer Silicon Graphics International (SGI).

Scientists in the collaboration will explore high performance computing issues related to healthcare, materials science, climate change and renewable resources, among others.

The SGI European Research Centre will be co-located with EPCC, and SGI researchers will undertake joint research with EPCC’s staff on projects of mutual interest.

The Centre’s research focus will be extreme scale software, building on both organisations’ application software and supercomputing hardware expertise.

“Cutting edge research requires the ability to process large amounts of data at extreme scale. SGI high performance solutions and software expertise at the European Research Centre and EPCC, will allow us to gain insights faster. This partnership is an exciting step in European high performance computing and we’re committed to making it a great success for both organisations.” Professor Mark Parsons, Director of EPCC


“We are extremely excited and proud to collaborate with one of Europe’s leading research institutions to help redefine computational science at extreme scale. By partnering with EPCC we will be able to work with Europe’s top researchers to help understand and solve software problems, across many disciplines, that will be occurring as we move to exascale computing.” Jorge Titinger, President and CEO of SGI

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