Staff profile: Jaffery Irudayasamy

6 February 2024

Jaffery joined EPCC after studying for his MSc in HPC with Data Science with us. He was part of the winning team at the ISC23 Student Cluster Competition and the recipient of the class medal for his dissertation.

Jaffery holding trophy cup and boxed medal

Above: Jaffery on graduation day holding the ISC23 Student Cluster Competition trophy and his EPCC MSc class medal.

I was working as a hardware/software engineer in the semiconductor industry in India before starting my MSc at EPCC. Through this I developed an interest in high performance computing (HPC) and its correlation with data science.

Before applying for the MSc, I explored EPCC and its work, which sparked my interest and led me to apply to its programme. EPCC is a centre of excellence within the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, and its close collaboration with industry experts made me confident that I would be learning from the best in the field.

Studying at EPCC came with significant benefits. I gained access to the UK Tier-1 and Tier-2 supercomputers ARCHER2 and Cirrus. Learning from renowned researchers in HPC, the dedicated study area for MSc students at EPCC, and being part of a global community were enriching experiences.

MSc year highlights

The highlight of my MSc was winning the ISC international Student Cluster Competition in 2023. This was my first international competition, representing the University of Edinburgh and EPCC, and winning was an incredibly rewarding experience. Additionally, receiving the class medal for my dissertation (see link below) was another significant highlight.

I would certainly recommend EPCC's MSc programme. It was very practical and engaging, providing a solid foundation in high performance computing.

I chose to join EPCC's staff due to its involvement in cutting-edge research activities and its status as one of the UK's most successful supercomputing centres. The opportunity to work with experts in the field and the prospect of contributing to academia were particularly attractive to me.

I am interested in programming accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs, exploring architectures like RISC-V, and delving into quantum computing. I am currently working in the CSE team, actively engaged in service improvement activities for the ARCHER2 system at EPCC.


Read Jaffery's dissertation "Performance analysis of POT3D with PETSc preconditioners and solvers":

MSc programmes at EPCC:

Image below shows Jaffery holding the ISC23 Student Cluster Competition trophy with the rest of the winning TeamEPCC members and their EPCC mentors.

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Jaffery Irudayasamy
Jaffery Irudayasamy