Welcome, Class of 2023-2024!

11 September 2023

This week we welcome the new members of our MSc programmes.

Since the launch of our first MSc programme in 2001, and every year since, we have been fortunate to welcome students from all over the world who share our interest in high performance computing and parallel programming. Every September we make preparations to welcome new students on to our programmes in High Performance Computing and High Performance Computing with Data Science, always kicking things off with a series of induction activities during “Welcome Week”.

Welcome Week is an integral part of many university experiences, and things are no different with EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. It is our first opportunity to meet our newest students and it is also a key check-in point for any online or part-time students. During this week we dedicate our time to our postgraduate students, face to face for the most part, as we guide them on what to expect from the next twelve months.  

We host a number of in-person and online talks which cover the curriculum, important support networks, and what makes us unique: EPCC itself.

This Welcome Week is no different as it marks the start of another exciting academic year.

Starting on Monday 11th September, induction activities include talks from key members of EPCC and University of Edinburgh staff, including our Programme Directors and Academic Cohort Leads, our Student Advisor, MSc support staff, and even MSc alumni.

This year, our students can expect a Welcome breakfast, a breakdown of EPCC history from our Director of Teaching and on-campus Programme Director, Dr David Henty, concluding with a food and drinks reception on Friday.

The University of Edinburgh also hosts several centralised events which are suitable for all students.


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