Dr David Henty

Group Manager
+44 (0) 131 650 5960

David graduated with a degree in Physics from Imperial College London in 1987, and gained his PhD in Computational Theoretical Physics from Glasgow University in 1990. He spent the next four and a half years doing research in Lattice Field Theory at Edinburgh University before joining EPCC in 1995.

David Henty

David leads EPCC's HPC training activities and has been Programme
Director for EPCC's on-campus MSc Programmes since their inception in
2001. He organises the on-campus and online MSc courses on MPI, and
regularly teaches courses for the UK national supercomputer services.

His interests are in the areas of performance programming, parallel IO, efficient use of MPI and new parallel languages and libraries. David's technical work has included code development and optimisation on a wide range of HPC systems including all the national supercomputers from the Cray T3D and Connection Machine CM200 in the mid-90's through to the most recent ARCHER2 service.