Dr Gavin J Pringle

Applications Consultant
+44 (0) 131 650 6709

I joined EPCC in April, 1997. Currently, I am involved with the following project:



Dr Gavin Pringle
  • GeoChemFoam eCSE: parallelising OpenFOAM's mesh generation and mesh partitioning routines.

Past projects include:

  • CompBioMed: EU H2020 Centre of Excellence in preparing Computational Biomedical Stimulations for Exascale. Phase 1: Work Package Leader for WP4: Innovation and Sustainability, organiser of its Innovation Advisory Board, and co-author/lecturer of "Rough Guide to HPC for Medics".  Phase 2: Task Leader for Emergent Community Application support (creator/manager of the Scalability Service), Data Staging Systems (creator of a Resilient Workflow for Exascale), Relations with EU Initiatives and Other User Communities (includes managing the service desk), and Knowledge Transfer (includes coordinating the webinar series).
  • Boiling eCSE: Coupled OpenFOAM and LAMMPS for a multi-scale models of boiling water.
  • EXCELLERAT: EU H2020 Centre of Excellence in preparing Engineering CFD simulations for Exascale: Task Leader for Implementation of advanced meshing techniques, Task Leader and Working Group Leader for Co-design, and team member preparing TPLS for Exascale.
  • HPC-Europa3: Host and Contact for visitors to EPCC under this transnational Access Visitor Programme.
  • Fortissimo: Helpdesk Manager and Operator, supporting our users on Cirrus, and an active member of the Fortissimo TWG for OpenFOAM.
  • Cirrus: Supporting Commercial Users of Cirrus as both a normal HPC service and a Cloud HPC service.
  • ARCHER: Member of the Computational Science and Engineering support team.
  • CESM: Porting and maintaining the Community Earth System Model on ARCHER.
  • Porting and profiling the MIT General Circulation Model on behalf of the British Antarctic Survey.
  • Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe looking at Mitsubishi's current simulations, with a view to introduce OpenFOAM into their workflow, and considering the future of CFD packages over the next 30 years.
  • SSI : Working with the Software Sustainability Institute, providing statistical support in a software jobs database.
  • CHPC : 8-day MPI course, and Plenary Talk: “EPCC and Technology Transfer”, CHPC National Meeting, South Africa, Dec 2010.
  • PRACE: Member and coordinator of the PRACE User Documentation Editorial Panel, and member of the Tier-1 Distributed Extreme Computing Initiative (DECI) team.
  • DEISA: 2004-2011, JRA and Task Leader, DECI deputy manager, UK DECI Ambassador, member of DEISA User Documentation, Chair of the DEISA 2008 international conference organisation committee.
  • AWE: Introduced OpenMP and dynamic load balancing to key F90/MPI 2D benchmarking code, Chimaera2.
  • VASP dCSE: Profiling with a view to optimising by introducing OpenMP to VASP, a F90/MPI materials/chemistry code.
  • Heli dCSE: architect of RMA MPI into world's first real time flight simulator.
  • OpenFOAM: Maintaining OpenFOAM on HECToR, and author of 3D Cavity Flow benchmark, and first guest Editor of Capability Computing magazine.
  • HPC-Europa2: Contact and Host for visitors to EPCC under this transnational Access Visitor Programme since 1997.
  • VIRGO: introduced AMR to the AP3M N-body cosmology simulation, co-PI of VirtU, and member of the VIRGO Consortium.

I graduated from Napier Polytechnic with BSc Hons(i) in Mathematics with Engi neering Technology. I then went on to receive a PhD from Napier University, with Edinburgh University and the University of California at Berkeley as cooperating institutions.

I worked as a post-doc at Napier for 4 years, researching the nature of numerical nature of turbulent fluid flow over a sphere. Pseudo-particle methods are used, namely Vortex Methods, which removes the problems of meshes, such as grid-drain. I employed a hand-rolled parallel O(N) N-body solver.

Hobbies: I enjoy the arts and travelling, play bass guitar, and enjoy movies, hiking, and cycling. 

Professional: PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, the Flemish Supercomputer Center Tier-1 Evaluation Committee, ICTP HPC School lecturer (ItalyMexicoBrazil, Member of the Mamoru Iriguchi performance art company.