Mr Adrian Jackson

Senior Research Fellow
+44 (0) 131 650 6470

I work in high performance computing, computing hardware, and computational simulation, including being involved with the last three national HPC services:




Adrian Jackson

My main areas of research and work are in parallel computing algorithms, parallel programming techniques, new computing hardware, and program/code optimisation. I also represent EPCC on the OpenACC technical and marketing committees, and I'm a full member of EPSRC peer review college. The current focus of my work are a number of research and implementation projects, including:

  • Architect for DLT4NCM, a collaborative project investigating the application of distributed ledger technology to create networked carbon markets and support the Paris climate change agreement. This involves designing and prototyping semi-permissioned distributed ledger technology to enable the networking of multiple separate markets, each a distinct data domain with separate authority and autonomy. To enable carbon markets to innovate the distributed ledger technology also needs to scale and perform, not be a bottleneck to transactions and trading. Therefore, we are undertaking research to enable the design of a transparent and interoperable ledger technology that can scale to a large number of markets, participants, and transactions from the outset.
  • Architect for the EU funded H2020 NEXTGenIO (Grant Agreement no. 671951) project, designing software and hardware solutions for HPC systems using new memory technologies. Focussing on non-volatile memory technologies and their application in computational simulation, data analytics, and machine learning algorithms.
  • Working with industry to optimise and parallelise simulation applications, and develop data analytics pipelines.

In the past I've worked on things such as:

My papers and publications are listed in the Edinburgh Research Explorer