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EuroCC@UK: the UK’s National Competence Centre in HPC, HPDA and AI

EPCC leads EuroCC@ UK in collaboration with STFC Hartree. Both centres are drawing on their complementary expertise to deliver the programme’s goals.

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A brief history of the ARCHER2 Image and Video Competition

The competition gathers together some of the best images produced by users of the ARCHER2 UK national supercomputing service, which is hosted and managed by EPCC. 

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Archer photo comp

Two decades of MSc programmes at EPCC

Back in the late 1990’s we became aware of a need for postgraduate level training in high-performance computing (HPC) and parallel programming.

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20 years of Masters at EPCC

Enabling machine learning for exascale simulations

SiMLInt is an interface that increases the efficiency of machine learning (ML) techniques when solving large-scale physical simulations by consuming fewer resources without sacrificing precision.

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What makes a Safe Haven safe?

For many years EPCC has operated the technical end of the Scottish National Safe Haven (NSH), the Trusted Research Environment which underpins nationwide public-benefit research with sensitive data

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Safe Space

Updates from the Software Sustainability Institute

Software is fundamental to research. Seven out of ten researchers at fifteen Russell Group universities reported that without it their work would be impossible.

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Software for Research

Developing a unique FPGA testbed for UK researchers

EPCC is hosting a new FPGA testbed and running it in collaboration with UCL and the University of Warwick.

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Partnering with industry

Partnership with industry is a core principle of EPCC and one of the reasons the Centre has continued to grow and develop since our foundation in 1990.

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e-Seminar: "Biomedical supercomputing applications"

The CompBioMed Centre of Excellence will host a two-hour e-Seminar entitled "Biomedical supercomputing applications" at 2pm CET on November 9, 2021. Presented by Dr Mariano Vazquez and Dr Guillaume

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Comp Bio Med

Investigating accessible training

One of the aims of the EuroCC project is to explore the benefits of innovative training methodologies for HPC. A key component of this is ensuring barriers to learning are minimised.

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Euro CC