Women in HPC session: “Diversity in Science”

8 March 2024

Our Women in HPC session, co-located with the ARCHER2 Celebration of Science, will highlight the benefits of diversity to research. 

Today, Women in HPC (WHPC) celebrates International Women’s Day by discussing how we can inspire inclusion within the high performance (HPC) community. The “Diversity in Science” session, hosted by the WHPC UK Chapters, is intended for WHPC to learn how people feel about diversity and to outline small but important changes we can all realistically make to improve our workplaces. 

It will be a satellite event of the ARCHER2 Celebration of Science, and will complement its programme highlighting the scientific achievements of ARCHER2 users. These events ensure that inclusion and diversity are part of the conversation and evolution of the state-of-the-art of our community.

Diversity tax

One concept we will introduce is diversity tax, which refers to an unintentional burden placed on under-represented groups to help address diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) issues. This motivates the idea of using small changes that everyone can contribute to and so reduce the pressure individuals might feel to take part in and/or lead DEI efforts, often without formal recognition or compensation.

The session will be led by myself and Jenny Wong, who was a member of both the ISC and SC23 cohorts of WHPC early-career presenters. We will open the floor to the audience to develop ideas for those small but meaningful changes that can benefit all our local communities. This will be followed by a networking session to help everyone connect further.

The Diversity in Science session will take place at 2pm–4pm on Friday 8 March at the ARCHER2 Celebration of Science.


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Eleanor Broadway
Eleanor Broadway