EPCC News 92

November 2022

From aerospace to biomedicine and Earth observation, we provide computational support for world-class research and innovation

From our Director

Welcome to the Autumn 2022 issue of EPCC News. Over the past six months, the new ARCHER2 service has really got into its stride and is very busy supporting a huge variety of scientific and industrial research projects. We’re really pleased that the system is being so heavily used – it’s regularly almost completely full – but also that the ambition of our users has grown with the size of the system.

EPCC continuously bids for funding for new projects. In this issue we’re particularly pleased to report that we’ve been successful in joining the Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP). We’ve worked with the Met Office throughout our history, and MOAP opens a new chapter of joint activities. At the same time, our commercial activities continue to grow through new projects with a really broad range of organisations from some of the UK’s largest, to some of Edinburgh’s smallest companies.

Along with ARCHER2, the Edinburgh International Data Facility is gradually maturing. The data science cloud is now open to users and very shortly the GPU cluster will open as part of it. You can also read about our upgrade of the Cerebras CS-1 AI supercomputer to two CS-2 supercomputers, giving a total of 1.7 million AI cores. Along with our soon to arrive Graphcore Pod64 system, this gives us a unique AI capability in Edinburgh.

I hope you enjoy this issue and feedback is always welcome.

Mark Parsons

EPCC Director