FAIR IMPACT: open call and webinar

Joy Davidson of the Digital Curation Centre at the University of Glasgow writes about new support available to support FAIR-enabling methods and tools.

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Preview: RISC-V at HPC Asia

HPC Asia, which will run from 25–27 January in Nagoya, Japan, is an opportunity for EPCC to further engage with some of the very exciting activities that are happening around HPC in this part of th

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RISC-V and xDSL research at HiPEAC 2024

Nick Brown reviews EPCC's activities at HiPEAC, a European forum for computing systems researchers, industry representatives, and students.

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AI-training trial yields impressive results with EPCC's Cerebras CS-2

smartR AI™ and EPCC are working together on an AI trial using the Cerebras CS-2 Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE) system. The results so far have shown a dramatic reduction in AI training times.

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Waste supercomputer heat and old mines could warm homes

A first-of-its-kind system in the UK is being trialled in Edinburgh to see if waste heat from its Advanced Computing Facility can be stored in disused mine workings and used to warm homes. 

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EPCC: certifications for a safe pair of hands

Data security is at the heart of the services we deliver. Rigorous certification processes ensure we apply best practice to this vital work.

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Research collaboration: machine learning on EPCC's Cirrus system

The Cirrus HPC system, operated by EPCC, is designed to solve computational, simulation, modelling, and data science challenges.

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Looking to learn something new in 2024?

We are one of Europe's leading providers of education and training in high performance computing and data science.

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HPC technology, training and community at RSECon23

This year's RSECon, the annual conference for research software engineering, included a session for engineers working in high performance computing.

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The Embedded CSE (eCSE) software development programme

The Embedded CSE software development programme, managed by EPCC, has been running for ten years now.

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