Emerging Technologies: Rust in HPC

This technical report is a short investigation into how Rust could be used for a scientific application in a HPC system.

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Example output for the fluid in a box CFD simulation: brightly-coloured image with arrows indicating flow direction.

Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform

EPCC is providing computing and data engineering services for the Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform (PeaceRep), in support of the project to build an online platform for peace process

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PeaceRep logo: name plus large letter P

HPC Scalability Service for biomedical applications

Users of computational biomedical applications are increasingly encountering performance issues, eg perhaps code cannot run in an acceptable time.

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CompBioMed human modelling

Developing online self-service HPC courses

As part of our work with the EuroCC project we looked at a range of technologies which would be suitable for developing online self-service HPC courses.

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Code Refinery logo - colourful semi-abstract rendition of the word "code"

Identifying factors that can predict men’s response to radiotherapy

Prostate Cancer UK has funded research into the use of advanced computing techniques to analyse data from more than 10,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated with radiotherapy. 

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Prostate Cancer UK logo

PhD student internships at HPE

Two EPCC PhD students, Gabriel RodrÍguez Canal and Mark Klaisoongnoen, are currently undertaking internships with HPE. 

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HPE logo - green rectangle, black text

Building a common ecosystem for DSLs

As we enter the era of exascale supercomputing, a major challenge is how to program these next-generation machines.

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ExCalibur logo

ARCHER2: Challenges for an RSE team supporting the UK national supercomputing service

The ARCHER2 service is designed to enable world-leading research for over 4,000 users, which covers a wide range of research areas and scientific software. To assist these users, the ARCHER2 CSE se

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ARCHER2 logo showing text and green roundel

Data Slipstream: bringing together Earth-observation data, science, industry, and next-gen compute

The Data Slipstream project is building a system whereby the large, diverse and complex datasets vital to Earth Observation (EO) research at the University of Edinburgh and beyond can be brought to

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Satellite view of Fife

Exploring the world of ChatGPT code

Playing around with ChatGPT seems to be mandatory now if you do anything with computers, and I've been recently doing this to see what its capabilities are.

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A robot coding