Hosting and operating the ARCHER2 service

Many of the articles about ARCHER2 contain a statement such as “ARCHER2 is hosted and operated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh”. But what does this actually mean?

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Energy-efficient quantum computing simulations

Jakub Adamski, a PhD student at EPCC, is investigating the benchmarking of classical simulations of quantum computing against real quantum hardware.

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Giving business a competitive edge with HPC

Since our foundation, we have worked with commercial partners to bring them the competitive advantages of high performance computing.

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Technology transfer: EuroCC@UK success stories

EPCC has carried out pilot studies with local start-ups Danu Robotics and Mercury Environmental Systems Ltd as part of a Europe-wide HPC network.

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ARCHER2: the impact of CPU frequency on application performance

On the 12 December 2022 the default CPU frequency on ARCHER2 compute nodes was set to be 2.0 GHz.

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ARCHER2 cabinets

Revolutionising recycling with AI

We’ve been providing computing and software support to start-up Danu Robotics, which aims to revolutionise the efficiency of the recycling sector with an AI-powered, vision-guided, robotic sorting

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Free scientific computing courses for environmental scientists

Registration is now open for a series of free scientific computing courses for environmental scientists

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The risk of unintended consequences

By Adrian Jackson and Andrew Turner.

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Our AI capabilities extended with multi-million pound upgrade

Following the successful deployment of our Cerebras CS-1 system, the first to be launched in Europe, we have now replaced it with the CS-2.

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Building world-class computational services for data-driven innovation

The Edinburgh International Data Facility has entered an exciting phase with the launch of new services and hardware - and there’s still more to come.

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